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R.W. Gary J. Olsen
District Deputy Grand Master
R.W. David Melville Russen, Jr.
District Ritual Instructor

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R.W. Gary J. Olsen
R.W. Gary J. Olsen
District Deputy
Grand Master

R.W. D. Melville Russen, Jr.
R.W. D. Melville Russen
District Ritual Instructor
— Supporting Lodges in Monmouth and Ocean Counties —

Arc of Monmouth's "Walk & 5K Run "

Once again, the 17th Masonic District will be supporting the Arc of Monmouth in its annual Arc Walk. As a District, we have the opportunity to support those less fortunate than ourselves by supporting the Arc of Monmouth in its annual Arc Walk.

As a Lodge, you have an opportunity to make the 17th Masonic District successful in completing this task. The Arc Walk is a unique opportunity to demonstrate to the general public that Masons work together to support our communities, and more importantly, to help those who are in need.

We are requesting that all Lodges participate in this noble effort. We are also requesting that each Lodge donate $50.00 and that at least two (2) brothers from each Lodge actively participate.

The run starts @ 8:30 AM; The Walk begins @ 11:00 AM; Saturday, April 9th 2016.
Set up will be at the Wonder Bar at 8:30 AM; Located on 5th Avenue and the Boardwalk.
Anyone wishing to help, be at the Wonder Bar between 8:30 and 9:00 AM.

Lunch and after–party inside the legendary Convention Hall at 12:00 Noon with live music by the “Wait Till Friday” band and DJ Nicky, giveaways, games and delicious food served up by the Masonic Lodges of the 17th District.

Arc of Monmouth Walk & 5K Run

All proceeds from the Walk & 5K go directly to The Arc of Monmouth's many programs that benefit over 1,400 Monmouth County residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

About The Arc of Monmouth

The Arc of Monmouth is a non-profit organization in Monmouth County, New Jersey providing services and support for individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and for their families. The Arc of Monmouth is guided by a volunteer board of directors, and is affiliated with The Arc of New Jersey and The Arc of the United States.

Currently, The Arc of Monmouth serves over 1400 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in 24 locations throughout Monmouth County. The Arc provides employment, vocational, and educational services, adult training, community living programs, health care, social services and an abundance of enriching recreational activities.

These programs and supports are designed to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities with living, learning, working and playing as integrated members of the community. Thanks to the training they receive at The Arc of Monmouth, many individuals are now working in the community, paying taxes and feeling a new sense of accomplishment and pride. Others reside in apartments or group homes with assistance from The Arc and hundreds participate each year in recreational activities. We are committed to continuing to assist persons with developmental disabilities to thrive within their homes, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods... within their lives.

Arc Walk 2014
17th Masonic District Arc Walk 2012

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